Intermediate Classes


8 Years & Under Classes

for children aged 7 & 8 years

as at June 30th

8 Years & Under Jazz

8 Years & Under Hip Hop

Grade 1 Ballet


10 Years & Under Classes

for children aged 9 & 10 years

as at June 30th

10 Years & Under Jazz

10 Years & Under Hip Hop

10 Years & under contemporary

Grade 2 or 3 Ballet

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10 Years & Under Performance Troupe

suitable for dancers aged 7 to 10 years

10 years & under Tap

suitable for dancers aged 7 to 10 years

10 years & Under Musical Theatre

suitable for dancers aged 7 to 10 years

10 years & Under cheer

suitable for dancers aged 7 to 10 years

Level 1 or 2 Acro

suitable for dancers aged 5 to 10 years

Our Intermediate classes are focused towards building a strong foundation in dance whilst having fun. Our classes help develop their creativity and confidence, whilst teaching them the fundamentals of dance.


The coolest dance class in town! Our Jazz classes incorporates all the very best of Jazz into a specially designed class that is fun for boys and girls. The class incorporates a high energy, fast-paced warm-up, and technique work.Then the students learn funky choreography, with new steps introduced each week to develop their Jazz technique and their repertoire of movements. Every child is encouraged and celebrated. Our Jazz classes will also learn a routine throughout the year, which they will get to perform at our end of year concert.

Hip Hop

Our  Hip Hop classes are full of fun, energy and pop music! They are great for the dancers that love fast paced, energetic dance styles. ​Our teachers endeavor to create classes that include current styles, music and dance moves. Hip Hop is a more hard hitting style that is great for sharp, strong dance moves. These classes are a great choice for any dancer that loves to dance to pop-style music!


Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. It is often performed to a range of musical styles including slow, expressive music to sharp, rhythmical music. Our teachers research and incorporate current trends in dance whilst teaching a good foundation in technique. This is an excellent class for kids that love dancing to slow, flowy music and is a great starting place for beginner dancers or experienced dancers.


Our Ballet class follows the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, ensuring that our dancers have fun, whilst learning the fundamentals of ballet.

A solid technique foundation is developed through carefully constructed exercises on the barre and in the centre, however pop ballads are used, so that the children can relate to the music. Performance and expression are also a big focus, as well as musicality. Sometimes, fun props are used as part of the class as training tools to demonstrate certain shapes and movements. Please speak with our staff for which grade is most suitable for your child.

Performance Troupe

PERFORMANCE classes are for committed dancers and those who show great promise, learning a variety of different styles and having multiple performance opportunities throughout the year including various eisteddfods and competitions, local events etc. There are typically approx. 3 eisteddfods and 3 public performances each year


Shuffles, knocks, toe-heels, pick ups… Tap fun for kids, because they get to make noise with their feet. Our Junior Tappers classes develop coordination, balance and rhythmic timing. Tap technique is carefully taught to set up our students with a strong foundation for Tap. 

Musical Theatre

Does your child love to sing and perform? Our Musical Theatre class is where budding Superstars are made. This exciting class is all about Music, Acting and Dance. Learning dances and styles made famous on Broadway, this class develops confidence, even in the shyest of kids. Every week is different, with new games, activities, props and challenges.Throughout the year the class will focus on a few different songs and will get to select one to perform at their concert.


Cheerleaders do not cheer for other teams... WE are the team! All Star Cheerleading is composed of stunting, pyramids, group tumbling, jumping and a dance break. The athletes are not only trained to get their bodies to peak physical fitness but also learn the important “life lesson’s” of respect, dedication, self-confidence, commitment, sportsmanship and most importantly, teamwork.


One of our most popular classes is Acrobatics. We follow the world Famous Acrobatic Arts syllabus program is all about the students achieving their own personal goals in class. After a fun warm up and stretch, our students will work through a series of exercises down the tumbling mat, each designed to familiarise them with Acrobatic techniques and foundation movements for more complex tricks as they become more and more capable. As Acro is separated into levels by ability, please speak with the staff at Parkes Dance Co to find out what level is most suitable for your child

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