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Preschool Classes

for children aged 2.5 to 5 years

as at June 30th

Our Preschool classes are focused towards building a strong foundation in dance whilst having fun. Our classes help develop their creativity and confidence, whilst teaching them the fundamentals of dance.

Preschool Dance

The coolest dance class in town! This class is a combination class of Funky Jazz moves, hippity hop steps and lots of rhythm and groove. Our preschool dance classes incorporates all the very best of Jazz, hip hop and rhythm into a specially designed class that is fun for boys and girls. The class incorporates a high energy, fast-paced warm-up, and technique work. Then the students learn funky choreography, with new steps introduced each week to develop their dance technique and their repertoire of movements. Every child is encouraged and celebrated. Our classes will also learn a routine throughout the year, which they will get to perform at our end of year concert.

Preschool Ballet

Our Ballet class follows the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, ensuring that our dancers have fun, whilst learning the fundamentals of ballet.

Imagination, interactive songs, and a special sprinkling of fairy dust, helps to inspire our littlest dancers while teaching them a solid technique foundation. Performance and expression are also a big focus, as well as musicality. Fun props such as fairy wands, scarves and stars are used as part of the class as training tools to demonstrate certain shapes and movements. This class is a magical experience for our little ones and we can't wait to share it with you!

Parkes Dance Studio Straight Line-01.jpg

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Parkes Dance Studio Straight Line-01.jpg


#1 - Can parents watch the class?

We have found that our students focus better in class and learn more when they can be in the studio without any distractions. We have a variety of strategies and processes to help ease separation anxiety. Parents are welcome to wait in our waiting room and if there are any issues, we will come and get you immediately

#2 - How do we pay?

Payment can be made in 2 ways


Parents fill out the DIRECT DEBIT form on the parent portal and set up DIRECT DEBIT from your credit card or direct from your account. You have the choice of selecting weekly, fortnightly, monthly or per term for your payments. This splits the annual bill across 52 weeks, 6 fortnights or 12 months, spreading the costs out evenly, which makes it easier to budget. It’s a simple system that helps us ensure that all fees are paid on time, and makes it easy for parents so that once they’ve set it up they don’t have to worry about it again.


There is an 88c fee per transaction from bank accounts, or a 33c + 1.87% fee per transaction from credit cards. American Express credit cards incur a 33c + 3.5% fee. These convenience fees are charged directly by our merchant services and are standard across all direct debit service providers. To minimise these as much as possible we recommend choosing the monthly option with a bank account. There is also a one-off $2.20 set up fee charged by Stripe.


This option also allows parents to have the peace of mind that they can cancel the enrolment at any time in the year. However, there is any cancellation of enrolment, or change to your package, 2 weeks notice is required. Please note there are strictly no refunds, or exchanges between students or siblings.



Parents can choose to pay their termly fees IN FULL by Week 3 of each term. Payments can be made with cash or cheque, card, eftpos, online through the portal or bank transfer. Any late payments will result in losing the class count discounts and capping discounts. Any students with outstanding accounts by Week 5 of term will not be allowed to participate in classes until their account is paid.


We do accept both of ACTIVE KIDS  & CREATIVE KIDS vouchers which can reduce each students’ fees by up to $300 per year. To apply them to your account with us, simply bring them in to reception or email them to and include your child’s DOB in the email. The vouchers take up to 6 weeks to process through the government, and once successful the amount is applied to your account.

#3 - What happens if we join and my child decides they don't want to do it anymore?

Enrollment can be cancelled at anytime throughout the year. There is no cancellation fee. Please note: cancellations after week 4 will not receive a refund of fees. A 50% refund will be granted prior to week 4 of term. The registration fee is non-refundable. Shoe, stocking and uniform orders: once paid, these payments are non refundable. When full payment is made of a product, the payer is entitled to the product bought, if ceasing enrollment.

#4      What happens if my child misses a class?

It’s no problem. We have multiple sessions in the weekly schedule, so your child can attend any of the other classes as a makeup lesson. Just let the ladies at the front desk know. (In the second half of the year this is no longer possible because each of the classes will be learning a different routine for the concert.

#5      Is there an end of year concert?

Yes, there is! The date and location will be confirmed closer to the end of year. Tickets will be available for parents, friends and relatives to come and watch. 

#6     Are there any extra costs?

There is a $25 registration fee payable at enrollment to secure your place into the class. Otherwise, there are no extra fees! There are no costume fees! You will receive a complimentary Concert Costumes  upon the conclusion of Term 4 to wear in the concert. Please note, dancers must be enrolled and completed term 4 to receive a costume. 

#7      How many kids are there in each class?

This will vary depending on the teacher, and which room the class is held in. Most of our classes will have less than 18 students. We want to make sure that every child has the best possible dancing experience at Commotion and gets plenty of interaction with the teachers.


#8      How do I enrol?