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RAD Ballet

At Parkes Dance Co we use the Royal Academy of Ballet syllabus for our Graded classes. We offer Grade 1-5 and Intermediate Foundation. Ballet is the basis for many dance styles and is a great class to learn control and poise. 


Jazz is an upbeat and exciting style of dance. It uses Pop music and emphasises musicality and rhythm. Jazz dance showcases strength, stability and flexibility. 


Acro is our Acrobatics/Tumbling classes. Acro works to increase strength, stability, balance and coordination. Through our Level systems students are placed in the level where they can flourish according to their skill, ability and age. 

Contemporary & Lyrical

We have decided this year to fuse these two styles together in order to extend our students technique and understanding of dance styles. This class is a blend of Ballet and Modern dance techniques. It focuses on emotional expression and musical interpretation. 

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a fusion of Urban and Street dance style with influences from popular music and dance moves seen in music videos and Tik Tok. 

Musical Theatre

This style takes influence from Musicals and Broadway. It incorporates elements of Jazz, Ballet and acting. 


Our cheer class is a mix of Allstar cheer and Pom Jazz dance. Cheer is a fun and upbeat class (think of Bring It On style Cheer). We learn Cheer technique, including Jumps, Stunts and Tumbling. 

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